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Sports in Calabria

  • 2 swimming pools, one for adults and one for children
  • Small pool with whirlpool
  • 3 synthetic turf tennis courts, 1 with evening lighting*
  • Grass turf soccer field with evening lighting*
  • Basketball court
  • Mini Golf
  • Group courses of Gymnastics, aerobics
  • Individual sports courses*
  • Bicycle rental*

TH Sport Club

Sports holidays
A real sports club, offering a range of courses, tournaments and fitness activities to keep you entertained. Put yourself to the test during “TH Sports Week”: the more fun you have, the more points you receive, and the higher your place in the “Super Ranking”.

  • Seaside Power Walking
    Pleasant walks along the seashore to improve your circulation, posture and breathing.
  • Metabolic Workout
    MET: Metabolic Exercise Training. A series of muscular and cardiovascular exercises of varying difficulty, performed in groups to the rhythm of music. Helps to improve muscle strength and increase overall tone.
  • Body Weight Training
    Squats, push-ups, bending. Free-style workouts for those who want to exercise in a simple way.
  • Water combat
    Dynamic, fun aqua-gym and aqua-boxing to the rhythm of music: helps improve muscle tone and cardiovascular and respiratory functions.
  • Functional Training
    Intense workout to tone the major muscle groups and improve strength, coordination and balance. Some exercises are similar to Pilates, enhancing overall body control.


There will also be sailing, windsurfing and tennis lessons, and boat trips in canoes and pedalos, as well as other water or land-based sports.


*payable services